Review of Handicapper Teddy Davis NBA Picks

Teddy Davis had one of the most mind blowing seasons we have ever witnessed.  It was his first on the site but man was it incredible.  He came out and finished 212-141 (60.1%) in the NBA with $100 per game bettors making over $6,000 on his selections.

That kind of performance is going to be hard to follow up on, but Davis is confident he can continue to be our best NBA handicapper.  The reason is that he lives, eats and breathes basketball.  Nobody works harder studying game film than he does, finding each team’s strengths and weaknesses and then seeing how they match up with their next opponent.

Davis likes to pick his spots.  You won’t get a pick on every single game by any means, only when he sees value in where the lines differ from his own personal number.  That means when you do receive one of his betting tips you can be confident it’s a good one, and that it has a high percentage chance of winning.

We are proud to offer Teddy’s subscriptions on our site and we are confident that if you sign up for one you will have the best NBA season of your life.  Give him and try and see what all the fuss is about!