Review of Handicapper Jack Jones NBA Picks from BetFirm

Jack Jones has made a lot of money for his clients when it comes to handicapping basketball, especially the NBA.  He finished as the top NBA handicapper in the world for the 2012-13 season when he went 224-157 (58.8%) and won $100 bettors over $5,600 in profit!

That’s not his only top finish though, he was ranked #2 in college basketball for the 2013-14 season, going 146-114 (56.2%) and racking up $2,278 in profits.  He also finished #4 in 2011-12 with a 98-74 (57%) mark and #5 in 2012-13 when he went 140-114 (55.1%).  Last year he was No. 10 on our list, but with a 131-105 (55.5%) mark his clients sure were not complaining.

All of this has given him four top 5 titles in basketball, more than anyone else on our site!

Why Jack’s NBA Betting Tips Are the Best

How is he so good at handicapping basketball?  One, he has experience.  Jack has been betting on games since the mid 80’s, so that is a lot of lessons learned through trial and error.  He puts in a lot of time looking at games and studying the matchups, so there is nothing that gets by him.

You won’t have any doubt as to why he likes the teams he does either.  There isn’t a handicapper on our site that writes a deeper analysis than Jack does.  He breaks down everything there is to know about a game, so you can feel extremely confident that you are on the right side.  Does that mean he never loses?  Of course not, but it takes bad breaks and flukes to keep his clients away from the winners circle.

Try his free picks out to start and it won’t be long before you want to join the thousands of clients that tail his winning NBA bets on a daily basis.