Handicapper Review of the Info Plays Sports Picks

Larry Cook started his Info Plays handicapping service many years ago and he’s been taking the betting world by storm ever since. He started betting on the NBA back in the 80s, but fought at first to learn the game inside and out.

After a few years he had improved a few of his wagering systems and he started to make a nice living via the sports books.   He has made a career out of beating the NBA lines and can help you make a little side money doing the same.

It wasn’t until the late 90s that he setup Info Plays to help the general public beat the numbers.  He has been growing it year after year ever since and now reaches a large audience.  We are more than happy to have him on board and offering his 20+ years of experience in the industry.

If you try him first hand you won’t be disappointed in the results.  But, he does not include any analysis with his selections, so you are going to have to trust he knows his stuff.  You won’t get in-depth details on why he is taking the teams that he is.

Here is a guy that has shown he can rack up Top 10 finishes in basketball.  He’s got a #2 finish in the NBA when he went 162-122 in 2008-09.  He finished #9 in 2014-15 with a 114-93 (55%) mark, and has three top six finishes in college basketball when he went 111-93 (54.5%) in 2009-10, 186-157 (54.2%) in 2013-14, and 160-134 (54.4%) in 2012-13.

That’s long term success you can count on and why he’s known as a top handicapping expert in the NBA.