The odds to win the NBA championship and the Finals is called a futures wager.  You can also bet on who will win each division, conference, and individual awards like the MVP or Rookie of the Year.  Later in the year books will start to offer futures on if teams will make the playoffs or not.

This page will have all of that data for you and many more options.  The lines typically update anywhere from a daily to weekly basis.

How to Bet on NBA Finals Futures & Title Odds

So how to the odds work?  If fractional odds are shown the first number is how much you would win by betting the number on the other side of the backslash (/).  So for example if San Antonio is listed at 5/1 ton win the Finals you would win $5 for every $1 that you bet provided San Antonio takes home the championship.

Money lines are more common and work similarly.  In the example above San Antonio would be listed at +500.  This is the number a $100 bet would return, in this case $500.  You don’t have to bet $100, but the return would be 5x whatever you bet.

A negative (-) number would mean the amount you have to bet to win $100.  These are kind of rare until you get late in the playoffs and one team is seen as having a significant advantage over the rest.