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The most popular page on our site is with free NBA against the spread picks we offer, but a few of our handicappers also provide hockey selections. You'll find the comp predictions here, but the best bets can only be found when you sign up for a premium package from one of our handicapping services.
No free NHL picks are currently available. Please check back later!

The NHL season is almost as long as the NBA season, which gives us plenty of opportunities to take advantage of weak lines and cash in.  Since the season overlaps so heavily, and there is more action some nights than there is in pro basketball, we though it would be a good idea to recruit some hockey experts to the site.

So, even though was established as a home to the best in pro basketball handicapping, we are quickly becoming known as a one stop shop for all betting needs.

Today’s NHL Free Picks & Hockey Betting Tips

We don’t have as many NHL specialists as we do for the other sports, but the guys we do have know the sport inside and out.  Just as a word of caution though, they include their best bets on the premium side.  The betting tips you’ll find on this page are the weakest on the board.  Not that they won’t win at an above average rate, they just won’t win as often as the premium recommendations will.

There are a lot of factors our guys look at when offer NHL betting advice.  There are the goalie stats, injuries, schedule factors, situational analysis, coaching strategies, and more.  From advanced analytics to the look and feel test, our guys use everything in their power to beat the nightly odds.

We hope that between hockey and basketball our handicapping services can help you increase your bankroll to record levels this year.  Give them a try and see how easy and fun betting can be!