Brandon Shively lives, eats, and breathes sports.  He’s been this way for as long as he remembers and it has helped launched a nearly 20 year career in handicapping.

He uses a lot of different techniques to beat the point spreads each night.  The real key though is looking for value.  Try to find games where the line or total differs significantly from where it really should be and then pounce.

Not many people know the teams like Shively does.  He watches and studies the NBA day and night during the season.  He knows the offense, defense, coaching, and scheduling factors of each team.

There isn’t a profitable situation that escapes his attention.  He knows what systems work and which ones don’t.  All of this comes from years of experience learning the hard way.

One thing I do love is the detailed writeups that Shively includes with each selection.  He wants his clients to know exactly why he is making the wager that he is making.  While every handicapper has ups and downs, these writeups help you rest assured that he is on the right side of every pick he releases.

You’ll see his ratings vary from 6* to 20* on our site.  The 20* plays will be pretty rare and are Game of the Year type plays.  10* plays are more like Game of the Weeks, were anything less is a regular play.

Take a look for yourself and see why we think Shively is a respected NBA tipster.  He is coming off a 153-123 (55%) season and I’m sure this year will be as good or better.