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Bobby Conn’s Expert NBA Picks Reviewed

When it comes to the NBA there are few people out there who know how to beat the odds better than Bobby Conn.  Since joining our site back in 2011 he’s gone 87-54 (62%) with his totals during the months of December-March.  When the NBA really gets cranking is when he buckles down and churns out winners.

It’s not that his sides have been bad either as he is 74-45 (59%) the last three years on his top plays against the point spread as well.

Bobby has a pretty easy rating system.  Either it’s a top play or a regular play.  By marking the game as a top play he recommends betting just a small percentage more than you would on the regular plays.  They are stronger, but only by a couple of percentage points.

Conn does offer free picks throughout the basketball season.  Typically you’ll see at least one per day in pro or college basketball.

One knock against Conn is that he does not release analysis with his selections.  He simply tells clients which team he is personally taking.

But, what’s great about him is the consistency in which he posts.  You can set your clock by what time of day he gets his picks out.  It’s going to be the same time day after day.  That kind of consistency makes it easier to follow along if you get a long term subscription.

If you want one of the NBA’s best handicappers helping you to beat the sports books this winter, then look no further than Bobby Conn.