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Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Jan 26, 2015
Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Clippers
Denver Nuggets
Play Type: Top Premium

I’m playing on the Denver Nuggets as my 10* Best Bet Monday.

The Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers are both taking the court for the second half of back-to-back outings Monday, with Denver covering the spread in a slight overtime loss to Washington and L.A. coasting to a comfortable victory in Phoenix Sunday.

However, this home game for the Clippers sets up as a tough situational spot. Monday is a lone home stand before an extended eight-game road trip puts the team on the highway for the next two weeks. Teams are often unfocused in these standalone home spots before a long away trek, dealing with off-court matters before such an extended period on the road.

Denver is not the team the Clippers want to look past Monday. The Nuggets thrive on hustle and play a physical style that works hard for every loose ball. Denver brings a six-game losing skid into this matchup, hungry to get its first win since Jan. 14. The Nuggets took a 109-106 victory over Los Angeles in December, limiting the Clippers’ fastbreak points and battling them for every rebound.

The Nuggets are always a handful on the boards, ranked third in rebounds per game (54.9) including 12.6 offensive rebounds a night. Denver has been especially lively on the offensive glass in recent games, averaging 14.3 offensive rebounds in the last three – grabbing 14 in the OT loss to the Wizards. Those extra looks at the basket quickly add up and make sizable spreads like this easy to cover.

Despite their athletic frontcourt, the Clippers don’t rebound exceptionally well outside of center DeAndre Jordan. Los Angeles gives up more than 10 offensive rebounds an outing and has watched opponents pull down an average of 51 boards a night.

The Clippers’ looking ahead to their upcoming road trip and the Nuggets' tenacity on the glass is why I’m playing on Denver as my 10* Best Bet Monday.

Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-B  |  Jan 26, 2015
Syracuse vs. North Carolina
North Carolina
  at  BMAKER
Play Type: Top Premium

I’m playing on the North Carolina Tar Heels as my 10* Main Event Monday.

North Carolina takes a five-game winning streak into this clash with Syracuse at home, continuing to build momentum as ACC play stiffens up. The Tar Heels have had some close games during this span but will benefit from a home-court crowd in Chapel Hill and a complete mismatch in pace.

North Carolina is scoring more than 79 points per game and runs one of the fastest paces in the country, averaging 72.8 possessions per game. The Tar Heels will look to their speed to force Syracuse out of its slow-motion comfort zone.

The Orange, known for their zone defense, have also been playing a methodical pace on offense, as to combat their own offensive inefficiencies. Syracuse is turning out 68.4 points per game on under 44 percent shooting from the field, including a poor 31.9 percent touch from the 3-point arc. That field goal percentage dips to just above 40 percent when hitting the highway.

North Carolina will use its speed and scoring depth to put SU on its heels, beat the zone defense down the floor before it can set up and force the Orange to pick up the pace on offense. Even the slightest lead can balloon for UNC, with Syracuse lacking the horse power to claw its way back on the scoreboard.

The Tar Heels' up-tempo attack and the Orange’s lack of scoring pop on the road is why I’m playing on North Carolina as a 10* Main Event Monday.


Ben Burns burst onto the sports betting scene in the 1990s, first making his selections available to the public in 1998. Now entering his tenth year, Ben has become one of the most successful and well-respected handicappers on the entire Internet.

From 1998 to 2006, Ben had his selections documented by the Big Guy Sports Monitor. During that time, he accumulated numerous seasonal titles in all the major sports. In fact, competing against a field of 150, Ben's NFL selections still rank as #1 of all-time there. With such a commanding lead over the field, it is highly unlikely that his all-time NFL record there will ever be matched.

Like all handicappers, Ben goes through both hot and cold streaks. However, whether winning or losing, he always "tells it like it is." Perhaps more importantly, as his many fans are quick to point out, Ben's winning weeks tend to greatly outnumber his losing ones. Note that Ben followed up an extremely strong 2006 with an even better campaign in 2007!

Ben is known as a "Totals Expert" and his over/under plays are highly sought after in all sports. In addition to his "total" success, Ben's "sides" are also known for their sizzling hot streaks. While he advocates playing all his selections equally, Ben's knack for nailing his "Big" plays is truly remarkable.

Ben capped off a highly successful college football season by winning his Bowl Game of the Year, a 41-10 wire-to-wire destruction on Georgia over Hawaii. Ben's NFL playoffs didn't go as well though and he lost his first ever Super Bowl selection, when the Patriots were upset by the Giants. Despite that rare setback, Ben's Super Bowl record remains at 10-1 for his career. Additionally, his NFL playoff picks remain a powerful 47-22 (68%) ATS the past six years. Ben isn't just a football expert though, as his hockey, baseball AND basketball picks are also highly respected.

Ben logs extremely long hours. His hard work clearly shows itself in his high quality writeups and extraordinary long-term records. If you're looking for an honest, hard-working handicapper with a documented history of success, give Ben Burns a try. We're sure that you'll be impressed!

Handicapper Ben Burns has been analyzing sports and looking at odds nearly all of his life, but he is now going into his 10th year of offering his sports picks accessible to the general public. During that span he has escalated to the pinnacle of the handicapping world and is now one of the most flourishing and respectable names in the industry.

Burns has gathered national attention for his numerous season titles in all sports. His NFL betting tips rank him #1 at a few of the leading sports monitors and his figures in the sport will most likely never be beaten by another handicapper. While he does go through ups and downs like each different handicapper in the industry, you’ll always see him saying it like it is. However, you’ll see his numerous winning streaks outnumbering his few little losing streaks. If you take a look at his record over long term then we have no incertitude you will be struck by the cash that he racks up for clients.

If you bet totals, then you really should see which over/under plays he’s making every night. Don’t take this the wrong way though, since he easily beats the football betting lines, basketball betting lines, and baseball odds for sides as well. And, if you like watching your action then there isn’t anybody better at picking out the hard victors on national televised contests.

Last year his football picks were very prosperous, and he ended his season in a 41-10 rout by taking the Bulldogs over Hawaii for his Game of the Year. If you want to lay lots of action on the Super Bowl, then his picks on the game are now 10-1 over his life history. However, Ben doesn’t just concentrate on football, his baseball, college basketball, and pro basketball picks are all very moneymaking and win customers loads of money.

There are not a lot of services that can put the long hours in that Ben can and his work shows with the detailed writeups that he releases with his plays, and the exceedingly high win-rate that his picks achieve. If you want one of the hardest-working handicapping services in the industry who has a documented history of winning, give Ben a try and we know that you’ll realize that you have found a winner!