Bovada has long been seen as one of the best online NBA betting sites, but they also operate a full casino, poker room and racebook. The continuous development of new technology and new gaming platforms proves this online establishment is one of the best.

With over 15 years of experience, it is easy to see why Bovada is highly preferred to other gaming sites. You can bet games live with their in-game options, or more conventionally before the first whistle, Bovada has your options covered. Getting started is made easy for all users and they’ll have you placing bets in no time. There are many other areas of focus to get excited about at Bovada, and below we’ll detail each one of these.

Getting Started at Bovada with Deposit Options

At first glance, the website looks rather well thought out and user friendly.  A lot of time and focus has been spent on the design of the site and they use a lot of images.  A slideshow plays near the top to showcase some of Bovada’s unique bonus offers and some of the hottest upcoming contests.

Scrolling down a little further provides a short-list of upcoming games, sports articles for in-depth research and a list of the current top casino games. Each of these little sections features a graphic to go with the headline, providing a nice appeal for the user.

The website also features tabbed out locations on the left-hand side of the homepage. Sports, casino, poker, horses and more all make-up the generous list of viewing options. The user will also notice the ‘Getting Started’ tab.


Signing up for an account is a rather simple process. Fill out the select fields on their account form and wait a limited amount of time for a verification e-mail that is sent to the address you provided. After doing so, do some additional research via their ‘Help’ and ‘FAQ’ sections. These reads provide additional information on how to manage your funds, place bets and learn about certain withdraw/deposit methods.

When it comes to deposits and withdrawing winnings, Bovada makes it simple for users. They accept payments made via all major credit/debit cards and Bitcoin transfer. Bitcoin is the common traded currency used across online gaming agencies, which is nice for those that like to change their location of play from time-to-time.

Withdrawing of funds can be either done through Check or the Bitcoin system. The user must also present a valid I.D. each time they make a deposit or withdrawal. This is to ensure the safety of all users and to prevent from fraudulent funding.

Sports Betting with’s Unique Lines

If you like sports betting then you will have a lot of options at Bovada. Parlays, teasers, single bets and other tournament options mark the different choices the user can select from.

All of the betting options are completed detailed under the ‘Sports FAQ’ tab. This is a useful tool for users looking to spread their bankroll and to learn about options that may suit their individual betting style.

When placing a bet, the user must first locate the sport, then the game, and finally which option they wish to bet. Each contest is featured with a graphic to show an action shot of the sport it coincides to. This provides easy location of certain sports and your favorite teams.

The odds are fairly unique, they don’t just copy other online companies.  This helps you line shop if you have accounts at different books.  You’ll find that underdogs are typically given better odds at Bovada.

Each time a bet is placed in the sportsbook, a bet slip is featured on the top right-hand area of the user’s browser. This described the game you have entered, the betting option you have selected and an additional area for editing or increasing/decreasing an upcoming bet.

This provides a nice way to keep all of your sports bet organized and in order. It also provides you the option to cancel your bets in a simple manner before the contest or to ride a ‘hot tip’ and increase your wagers immediately.

Bovada features all the major professional American sports as well as some International competitions as well. Anything from American Football to International Soccer is featured in the betting arena.

Live Betting Options & Lines

The user can also join the party a little late with the live betting featurettes. These options allow a user to place second-half wagers or increase their winnings if they have a hunch of a big comeback.

The live betting arena is designed a little differently than the one with before game options. It would behoove the user to read into the information behind live sporting bets before diving into the action.

Bovada’s Casino Games

This site also features a state-of-the-art casino for additional game play options. Table games, video pokers and other contests headline the options behind-the-scenes. The slots come in 3-reel and 5-reel options, with innovative technologies helping to create new 3D slot adventures. While the casino doesn’t feature nearly as many options as the sports arena, it still allows users to get their fix off of their favorite casino games.

Bonuses and Promotions

Everyone loves the notion of free cash and at Bovada there is no shortage of this funding. The highlighted bonuses are usually centered around the sportsbook.

For example, when a user makes a deposit and places bets specifically on Major League Baseball, they are subject to free funding of up to $250. The extra money doesn’t stop there as any first deposit made to a new account will result in a 50% match of funds for up to $250.

If the user wishes to keep their spending in the casino area they are subject for a 100% match of funding for up to $500. This means a first deposit of $500 at the casino will result in an account balance of $1,000!

These options and other promotional plans are constantly being spread across the site. They feature Blackjack weekends, seasonal sporting promotions and other great deals that help you build your bankroll in a quick fashion.

Dedication to Customer Service

Bovada has been in operation for nearly 16 years. They operate out of the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Canada. The site is operated by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG). This agency has been a part of the online gaming community for over 15 years and their services are often second to none.

Their dedication to customer service goes beyond their articles that help users find the answers they are searching for. A dedicated online support staff is available 24/7. They also feature a call-line that is open to users 24/7 as well. They continue to develop their technology and services to ensure the consumer remains protected and has an enjoyable experience.

Bovada is truly a top talent when it comes to online gaming. The intrigue is initially set once a user finds that their services are made available in the United States.

Bonuses and promotions continue to surprise the user with the amount of free cash options they stand to receive. Their in-depth descriptions and eye-popping graphics make for a unique visit each time the user logs on.

Get started earning money with Bovada today!