5Dimes combines the largest amount of online sports betting lines with an incredible selection of payout methods. Their dedication to customer service is second to none. It feels good placing a bet knowing you are doing so at such a solid provider.

Lightning quick payouts and deposits make for an attracting feature of this online mainstay. Let’s take a closer look at what the site has to offer the consumer and highlight some important categories of game play.


5 Dimes Website & User Interface

The overall imagery on the homepage is lacking good graphic design, but don’t let this fool you. The homepage was created in a way that allows for you to easily get to the important pages.

You can easily get to the “Help Center” which will put you in contact with a representative to get assistance with playing options, buy-in methods, game information and any other questions you may have.  This area also details the fees associated with any wagers, payout structures and all certificates of online eligibility the site holds for fair and safe gaming.

Five Dimes is more than just one of the best sports betting sites. They feature a full online casino, a low-risk, high-reward lottery and mini games for added enjoyment.

An “Experienced Bettors” tab also graces the homepage. There is no place quite like 5Dimes and their contest offerings are truly second-to-none. The site offers reduced juice and an expanded list of odds you won’t find available anywhere else.

5Dimes also opens up the door for non-experienced bettors to get their feet wet and find a comfort zone.   They have low bet limits and a very easy to use site.  The rich amount of content and detailed explanations across the site’s mainframe truly help any individual find their footing.

All parties are treated evenly at 5Dimes and the experience is made fun for first-timers and seasoned veterans alike.

Getting Started with 5Dimes Deposit Methods

Registering for the site is simple and easy. Simply visit the ‘Open an Account’ tab. The registration process is quick and painless and the confirmation e-mail is sent to your provided address almost immediately.

You may wish to glance over all the options and game history before placing your first bets.  Before you can get started you need to make a deposit and fund your account.

To do so, simply check ‘Funding Methods’ tab to learn about the varied amount of payment methods. Credit card, WU and over-the-phone grace the extensive list of deposit methods. The site also welcomes the use of Bitcoin payments, which is a currency exchanged across most online gaming establishments. The user can even bank wire payments to the site for a small fee. 5Dimes provides the largest amount of deposit methods across the net for increased customer satisfaction.

Withdraw Your Money & Cash Out with 5Dimes Payout Methods

After you have played awhile and grown your bankroll you might wish to take some of your money out.  Withdrawing your winnings is also quite simple, fast and often involves no charge to the user since they offer one free withdrawal every 30 days.

The common withdrawal methods are using Person-to-Person (MG), Cashier Check, Bitcoin, or Bank Wire.  If you want to spread your money out you can also transfer to another sportsbook, or if a friend wants to make a deposit you can transfer money to their account.


Betting Lines & Special Offers

Understanding the terminology behind betting lines and odds are crucial to user success. 5Dimes does a good job of easing the burden on the novice player with their educational material.

Next to every spread or money line you’ll find options like +103, +106 or -102. The plus sign (+) means for every $100 that you wager this is how much you would win.  A minus sign (-) means you have to wager this amount to win $100.

Of course, you don’t have to bet in $100 increments.  If you bet $1 at +103 then you would win $1.03 if your team cashes.

What’s nice is 5Dimes using dime lines.  This means the spread between the favorite and the underdog is ten cents on most wagers.  You’ll get -105 on average with both sides, instead of the standard -110 you see at other betting sites.

This basically means the user stands to lose less and win more each time they place a bet. It is a nice proposition for new players and keeps their bankroll in-check even on an off night. It does not increase your chances of winning, but it inserts a road block as far as total loss is concerned. That is why starting out at 5Dimes is made simple for even the most casual of players.

Individual game lines aren’t the only feature being beefed up at 5Dimes. Their parlay odds are great for someone looking for higher payouts on their wagers.  You’ll find they user closer to the true odds instead of offering lower payouts as you increase the teams in your hook.

Bonuses and special offers also mark a nice pick-me-up for any user. Upon first deposit, the user is subject to a 50% payment match of up to $400 deposited. A first deposit of $400 would give the user an account balance of $600. A nice welcome for any player.

There are also certain reload bonuses ranging anywhere from a 10-20% match. The site also runs promotions across different holidays and within certain sports, so check back often to make sure you’re not missing out on free cash.