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NBA Futures

Team Bovada
USA -1200
Spain +1000
France +1000
Brazil +2000
Lithuania +2500
Argentina +2500
Serbia +3300
Croatia +5000
Canada +5000
Greece +8000
Italy +10000
Australia +15000
Nigeria +50000
China +50000
Last Updated 06/30
Team Bovada
USA -1000
Australia +850
Spain +1600
France +2200
Brazil +2500
Serbia +3300
Canada +3300
Turkey +5000
Belarus +15000
China +15000
Japan +50000
Senegal +50000
Last Updated 06/30
Team Bovada
Ben Simmons +300
Brandon Ingram +600
Buddy Hield +650
Kris Dunn +750
Joel Embiid +1200
Denzel Valentine +1400
Jamal Murray +1400
Thon Maker +1600
Taurean Prince +1600
Jaylen Brown +2000
Marquese Chriss +2000
Wade Baldwin +2000
Caris Levert +2000
Dragen Bender +2000
Malachi Richardson +2500
Brice Johnson +2500
Domantas Sabonis +2800
Jakob Poeltl +2800
Last Updated 06/30
Team Bovada
Warriors +200
Cavs +225
Spurs +750
Thunder +850
Clippers +2000
Raptors +2500
Celtics +2500
Bulls +3300
Heat +3300
Hawks +5000
Rockets +5000
Pelicans +6600
Lakers +6600
Mavs +6600
Wizards +7500
Blazers +7500
Knicks +7500
Wolves +7500
Grizzlies +7500
Pacers +7500
Pistons +7500
Hornets +7500
Nuggets +10000
Bucks +10000
Jazz +10000
Kings +10000
Magic +12500
76ers +15000
Suns +15000
Nets +25000
Last Updated 06/24

NBA Season Win Totals

No win totals are available at this time.

About Our NBA Odds

On this page you will find the odds from several of the top NBA sportsbooks in the industry.  We’ve provided these for you to compare the odds at these books to find which ones will give you the best option on a given game.

In addition to the basics of each matchup (time, rotation number, teams, and odds), we’ve also provided a couple of additional tools to help you with your NBA betting.  The opener column above simply shows the first line posted for this game.  This is to show how the odds to the right have changed since they were first posted.  We also give you the % column, which is the betting percentage on each team against the spread.  This number represents the percentage of total bets one each team.  The other number we provide is the SC Odds, which is simply the average odds based on all of the sportsbooks provided.  We post this so that you can compare that number to the number you are able to get and make sure you aren’t short-changing yourself by betting a bad number.  Finally, our picks column shows you how many premium packages are available on that specific game.  You can click on the link to view the available expert picks for the matchup.

Using NBA Odds to Your Advantage

Probably the easiest tool you can use to increase your chance of winning money this season is to compare NBA odds at multiple sportsbooks and always make sure you are taking the best available line.  It may not seem like a half point or point would really make that much of a difference in NBA games, however, if you bet over the course of a season, you will soon see that a point or half point in your favor is unequivocally going to result in several more wins and ultimately a lot more money in your pocket.